Casual Clothing

Wearing casual clothing for informal occasions is great as you can feel comfortable in your own style and wear clothes that suit you.  This is a popular dress code within Europe, and doesn’t give away an impression of over presentation or uniformity.
There are so many different types of casual wear items available, but suits, ties and formal dresses are not considered as part of this. The standard casual ‘uniform’ is generally blue jeans and a T-shirt. Sportswear and clothing worn during manual labour also comes under this category, and is very care-free. People may wear a baggy track suit or tatty jeans and a plain top, possibly teamed with a baseball cap or trainers. Casual doesn’t always have to mean scruffy though.

Trend setters

In the 1980s, Madonna set the trend for punk style costumes consisting of lace, jewellery and striking make up. Hip hop fashion is a more recent trend and includes elaborate jewellery and luxurious materials which are often worn with sports wear, such as joggers or a hoodie.

Women used to always been seen in skirts or dresses, but a lady named Amelia Bloomer introduced a type of trousers which they could wear, and this dramatically outlined women’s casual clothing fashion, as up until then they were only seen as a masculine item of clothing. In the modern world, sarongs and other skirts have also been worn by men in European countries as an alternative to trousers.

Casual wear is often linked with the exposure of more skin, such as swimwear, low neck lines and higher cocktail dresses. Other forms of casual clothing include frayed jeans, polo shirts, mini skirts, zip down jumpers, denim jackets, bright t shirts, corduroys, and shorts.

High Street stores

There are a lot of High Street fashion stores that cater for the casual every day wear market. Some of the main sportswear shops in the UK include JD Sports, JJB Sports, and Millets. They stock everything from trainers to swim wear, track suits to polo shirts and hoodies. They often sell branded items such as Nike, Reebok and Adidas.

Other popular fashion stores are New Look, TopShop/TopMan, Jane Norman, Mango, Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins, Next, Oasis, Republic, Burton, Monsoon, H&M, Fat Face, Gap, and Wallis. There are also more budget stores like Matalan and Primark, which are ideal for bargain hunters. TK Maxx also sell surplus one off items which have been leftover stock at other stores or warehouses. This is great if you are looking for a good deal. Many shopping centres have little boutique stores which are great for unique items, or designer labels.

Department stores often sell a range of different clothes, from a multiple number of brands or other stores under one roof. These include Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser.

Many supermarkets now also stock a range of clothing and have their own fashion label, including Asda, Tesco’s and Marks & Spencers.
Online stores have also become more popular with websites such as and springing up to offer consumers a fast shopping experience with a wide range of fashionable items.

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