Men’s Casual Clothing

There are lots of different casual clothing items available for men these days, from high street names to designer labels. The selection is vast and many shops now individually cater for just the male gender, such as Burton and Topman (the equivalent to women’s fashion store TopShop).


Jeans are a key part of a man’s wardrobe – on average they own about 7 pairs at any one time. They can be teamed with almost anything, from a classic white tee to a smarter shirt. It’s hard to go wrong with denim.
They can have many different decoration styles, such as stonewashed, ripped or a vintage wash effect. They can also come in shades of blue, white, black or yellow. Straight leg or boot cut jeans are recommended fashion styles for men, and some popular brands include Abercrombie and Fitch, Levi’s, Wrangler, French Connection, Gap, Lee, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger

Casual wear examples

Here is an outline of some other casual wear examples for men:
Corduroy – although not majorly popular now, corduroy trousers are still a form of casual clothing, and are made from a textile composed of twisted fabrics that lie parallel to each other.

Cargo trousers are similar to regular khaki ones, but were originally designed for tough, outdoor activities. They are quite baggy therefore they allow a lot of freedom of movement, and are made from hard wearing, quick drying fabrics, with touch stitching and large belt loops. They may also be known as combats, and can have a lot of pockets.

Joggers, also known as trackies, are a very laid back form of clothing, that are often quite loose and made from soft materials such as cotton. They are usually used during sport or exercise, but can also be worn from day to day activities. In America they are sometimes referred to as sweatpants.

Vest tops are popular in the summer or for strenuous activities, as they have no sleeves and allow the arm pits to breathe. There are many different colours available.

Polo shirts are sometimes also used in sport, and look similar to a normal T-shirt but have a collar around the neck. Other examples of tops are normal t-shirts, shirts, printed tops or long sleeved.

Hoodies are jumpers that have a hood you can pull over your head. They often have large frontal pockets and a draw string to adjust the hood. Usually associated with youths, and gangs, they have had bad press in the UK over recent years. Jackets, cardigans, blazers and jumpers are other items men can wear to keep their upper body warm.

Trainers are the most casual form of shoes for men and can come in a variety of colours and designs. They are footwear made from flexible material, and usually a rubber sole. The upper part is made from leather or canvas, and are comfortable, and soft to wear, sometimes being referred to as sneakers in America. Some popular fashion styles are Converse, Vans, Skechers, PUMA, Reebok, Adidas and Nike.

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